Comming up on IDKWTBID.

Hey everybody! I’m very excited to show you all what we can expect for future failures of this site. I desperately want to create content that is helpful, save time, money and avoid headaches.

My vision is to change our relationship with failure, and hopefully, inspire others to see failure in the correct light. Sure failure is ugly, painful, leaves you feeling pathetic and then that small voice in your head begins to beat you down, “this has been a colossal waste of time” or “look how hard you are working, what a shame its all been for naught” “you know, everyone remembers how you spectacularly busted a plastic chair in the front row of a church service. fourteen years ago” Instead of seeing failure for what it is, the ugly scaffolding needed to build a skyscraper, and when it is peeled back all the failure is forgotten and the skyline changed, nobody cares or even remembers your failures so why do you?

Without further ado… in no particular order here is what you can expect on I don’t know what the bleep I’m doing!

How to: Start a blog.

How to: Play professional poker. Featuring Sean Hampson.

How to: Launch a podcast.

How to: Hit da club like a boss, with my boss! Featuring Nichole Durant.

How to: Lose weight.

How to: Steal a feather from a Live peacock. Featuring Ja’leel Denson.

How to: Train an anxious dog.

How to: Perform stand up comedy. Featuring Marcell Eubanks.

How to: Build a home studio.

How to: Sing in a Punk/Ska Band. Featuring Danny Smyth.

How to: Drive internet traffic.

How to: Model on Instagram. Featuring Bianca De Meo

How to: Install laminate flooring.

How to: PLay basketball. Featuring “Dread” aka Ashley Lanier.

How to: Paint Miniatures.

How to: Gay bar for the straight guy. Featuring Steffan Boule.

How to: Drive for Uber.

How to: Freestyle Rap. Featuring Marcus Johnson.

How to: Cook for a diabetic.

How to: Thread a needle and sew. Featuring Jewel Vernoy.

How to: Fight with your wife.

How to: Survive hot yoga. Featuring Avery Joseph.

How to: Lift a house.

How to: Host karaoke. Featuring Eric Cullens.

How to: Audio editing and mastering.

How to: Karaoke like a Disney princess. Featuring Ralph Durant.

and so much more! do you have an idea that you are confident I’ll fail immediately or want to collaborate with me on a How to: Fail with Josh of your very own? comment below with your ideas.

6 thoughts on “Comming up on IDKWTBID.

  1. Maybe something musical or computery? How to do vocal harmony? How to analyze an algorithm (and why anyone would care about that)? I don’t know what the kids are into these days, lol.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Awesome! Some suggestions (also in no particular order):
    1. How to skateboard
    2. How to groom a horse
    3. How to scuba dive
    4. How to bake a cake from scratch
    5. How to feed a lion
    6. How to do a magic trick
    7. How to drift in a car
    8. How to fix (something specific in) a car (maybe because of #7?)
    9. How to do microbraids for someone
    10. How to backflip on (or off) a trampoline


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