How to: NOT start a blog.

Failure #1 Let it grow! let it grow!

How mistakes are part of the learning process, and the fuel required to grow. Hedging against failure hedges against growth.

So we are one week into the official launch of this calamity, after just one week. I while speaking with friends, family members, and potential collaborators, and each conversation went something like this. What you are about to read is a reenactment, the names of the individuals below have been changed to protect the innocent for the purposes of this Post we will call this person, “Erica Nichole Shubin”

Me: I don’t know what the bleep I’m doing.

Erica Nichole Shubin: I know.

me: No, I started a blog it’s called “I don’t know what the bleep I’m doing”.

Erica Nichole Shubin: wait what was the name again?


Erica Nichole Shubin: Josh I know you don’t know what you’re doing, but what’s your blog called?

Me: I don’t know what the bleep I’m doing.

Erica Nichole Shubin: you and me both buddy.

Me: I don’t know what the bleep I’m doing.

My friend’s name obviously wasn’t “Eric Nicole Shubin” that’s a ridiculous, and Preposterous made-up name but she was right and telling me the truth.

Your work is going to fail, and it’s going to fail because it’s bad, it’s going to fail because no one likes your work, it will fail because you need to let it grow. All the voices in your head, the subconscious mutterings, of your scared monkey mind, “this isn’t good”, “nobody cares”, “this isn’t going to change anything”, “you’re wasting your time and everyone is laughing” and the reason that little voice is telling you the truth is because you are in need of growth, embrace that voice and change your relationship with the voice of failure. Everything you’ve ever wanted, all of your heart’s desires, adventure, fulfillment, purpose, meaning all of it is on the other side of your FEAR of failure. in fact success by definition means having overcome failure if you don’t fail you cannot succeed. Decide to enjoy failure, embracing it for what it is growth, you will find it liberating and intoxicating.

I’m bad at haikus,

but do not let that stop you,

Erica Shubin.

So, how do you start a blog? it is 2018 you are on the internet, you are almost there, two hurdles left, fear of inevitable, harmless failure and inactivity.

want a real expert’s advice? Fear setting.

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Do you have a fail story that helped you grow I’d love to hear about it?!

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