How to: make your blog the Emoji movie of blogs

This is Emoji movie, don’t be like emoji movie, be cool like violets vegan comics

It is time to write a new post, but I don’t feel excited to write anything I have come up with. I’m really trying to build this blog and I want to make sure that I have consistent upload schedule to make sure that people read it and so… STOP! It is hard enough to get readers to engage with the content you have passionately created, good luck getting readers to enjoy the product of your boredom.

My goal today is to encourage you! You started your blog, or wish to start one because you have a passion! Reluctant creativity leads to uninspired work, uninspired work brought us the Emoji movie. Oh, you didn’t watch the emoji movie? Weird, it has an 8% on rotten tomatoes (the reviews read like a comedy central roast Emoji Reviews ). The emoji movie cost $50,000,000 to make while technically a globally financially viable film it even won 4 awards: Worst PictureWorst DirectorWorst Screen Combo and Worst Screenplay, making it the first animated film to receive nominations and wins in those categories at the Raspberry Awards. If it feels like a chore to write, it will feel like a chore to read.

Not excited to write?

don’t continue out of spite,

chase passion, then write!

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